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yesterday a guy came up to me while i was working on my formal analysis paper and said the painting i was looking at was beautiful (i and the village by marc chagall), but he wanted to know the meaning behind it because he knew that there was something deeper there.
instead of telling him my interpretation right then and there, i led him through a visual thinking strategies (VTS) exercise, which is basically asking people what they see in the painting/what’s going on/what makes them feel that way/etc - helping them form their own interpretations.

it went well and he was interested and into it and came to an understanding of the painting! my museum education class at work rlly

i dreamed there were four cats under my bed! one was my grandma’s cat and the other was my cat, the third one was identical to my cat but a girl, and the last one was a fluffy white.

and then while that was going on under the bed, my parents, my step mom, and my aunt were laying on the top and they were all speaking in spanish - even my dad, which is strange because he never feels comfortable speaking it - and how am i dreaming of spanish conversations when i barely have a grasp on the language?? i will never know what they were talking about in my dream.

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The Girl Who Fell To Earth | Kiara Kabukuru by Craig McDean


The Girl Who Fell To Earth | Kiara Kabukuru by Craig McDean

my grandma’s in portland so i’m housesitting

taking my bra off in public places is fun, scary, thrilling…it’s my new thing

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